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Why Reykjavík Science City?

In the middle of the North Atlantic is quite possibly the perfect place to shape the next generation of entrepreneurs, environmentalists, and engineers. We are a small nation that has managed to thrive in extremes. Throughout our history, we've made the most of limited resources and solved problems by improvising the best we could with what we had.

Experience has led to strengths that have enabled us to specialize. We are collaborative and creative thinkers in science, academia, business, and creative industries, solving tomorrow's challenges through sustainable Green-tech, Blue-tech, and life sciences.



Those who follow many of the global indexes recognize how high Iceland consistently ranks in many of them. Iceland consistently ranks top on the United Nation's Human Development Index, is 1st in the Global Gender Gap Report, and is LGBTQ+ friendly. Iceland has a low crime rate, with violent crimes practically non-existent, and tops the IEP's Global Peace Index. In fact, Icelandic police do not carry guns. Children play outside unsupervised from an early age, often only returning when their dinner — or curfew starts!


Iceland's abundance of geothermal and hydro energy, rich fishing grounds, and experimental setting for drug discovery were factors in its trajectory of developing advanced Green-tech, Blue-tech, and life sciences sectors. 


We seek innovative solutions to complex challenges through creativity, collaboration, and action.

For researchers

For researchers in Reykjavík Science City, there is fertile local and international cooperation. Iceland participates in many cooperative European programs, such as Horizon Europe and the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

For students

Reykjavik Science City has two world-class universities within a 5 km (3 miles) radius, educating the next generation of environmentalists, scientists, and engineers in renewable energy, environmental studies, and environmental engineering.

For investors

Iceland offers numerous opportunities for foreign investors where an advanced economy and educated workforce combine with low corporate taxes.

UI Science Park

The Science Park aims to promote the public good and collaboration with companies, research institutions, and other universities to strengthen ties and support value creation.