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Work in Iceland

Many who visit Iceland wonder what it would be like to live and work here. Fortunately for them, Iceland draws in international experts for many specialized jobs. Conversely, Icelanders often seek educational and work opportunities to gain experience unavailable on the island. Almost all of them return "home" and bring with them a diverse education, skills, and work experience they have gained worldwide. Not surprisingly, the Icelandic work environment is often dynamic and strongly influenced by many international perspectives.

University of Iceland

For researchers

Researchers play a crucial role in economic development, culture, and progress by boosting society's capacity to meet demanding social and environmental challenges. For researchers in Reykjavík Science City, there is fertile local and international cooperation. Iceland participates in many cooperative European programs, such as Horizon Europe the EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

University of IcelandReykjavík UniversityThe National University Hospital of Iceland

For students

Reykjavik Science City has two world-class universities within a 5 km (3 miles) radius, educating the next generation of environmentalists, scientists, and engineers in renewable energy, environmental studies, and environmental engineering.

For investors

Iceland offers numerous opportunities for foreign investors where an advanced economy and educated workforce combine with low corporate taxes. There are generous incentives for R&D, sustainable technologies, and employing foreign experts. All are powered by 100% sustainable energy within a stable and predictable European legislative framework.

Reykjavik Science City Growth Companies

Survey of Icelandic Growth Companies

Business Iceland's second annual survey of Icelandic growth companies showed strong indications of continued growth in the sector during the following year, and expectations are to hire over 800 new employees. The companies surveyed met or surpassed the growth goals outlined in last year's survey. 71% of the companies expected further growth in 2022. The 2021 survey was conducted from 15 December 2021 to 21 January 2022. The survey set out to discover the current needs of companies and their vision for the future.

UI Science Park

Established in 2004, the University of Iceland Science Park is a partnership between the University of Iceland (94,6%) and the City of Reykjavík (5,4%). The Science Park aims to promote the public good and collaboration with companies, research institutions, and other universities to strengthen ties and support value creation. The UI Science Park is distinct from a typical business environment and other business parks. The Science Park provides facilities in the university environment to many companies and institutions, where the synergistic effect of the community can help individuals thrive.