Safe, progressive, sustainable

Reykjavik Science City safe, progressive, sustainable

Safe, progressive, sustainable


Those who follow many global indexes recognize how high Iceland consistently places in many of them. Iceland consistently ranks top on the United Nation's Human Development Index, is 1st in the Global Gender Gap Index, and is LGBTQ+ friendly. Iceland has a low crime rate, with violent crimes practically non-existent, and tops the IEP's Global Peace Index. In fact, Icelandic police do not carry guns. Children play outside unsupervised from an early age, often only returning when their dinner — or curfew starts!


Iceland is a robust and inclusive Nordic welfare state like its northern neighbors. The social benefits of healthcare, childcare, parental leave, and affordable, high-quality education promote individuals to pursue their passions and explore opportunities without fear of "falling through the cracks." Many startups have flourished with Icelandic "island" ingenuity, discovering novel local solutions that meet global needs. Iceland ranks #4 in the World Economic Forum's World Talent Ranking 2020


Iceland is a leader in sustainable energy and is powered 100% by hydroelectric and geothermal energy. Today, nine out of ten Icelandic homes are heated with geothermal waters. Green energy and the lack of polluting industries have left Iceland's water, soil, and environment remarkably pristine. A diet rich in fish, clean air, and pure water has helped Icelanders reach an average life expectancy at birth of 83 years!